Essential Contemporary Wardrobe  Designs you don’t wanna miss

Modern-day wardrobe styles are all about simplicity, minimalism, keeping things light and cool. Is actually also a great way to change to smaller spaces, or unusual room shapes, as the clean lines of modern-day closet designs lend themselves to a variety of choices. Which can be just what you want at making love, the one place in the house to really want to feel a sense of space.

Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t get bold, or add a little spark to your style. These types of modular wardrobe designs keep up with the simplicity of modern-day styles, while still adding a splash of color or detail that makes for that touch of individuality.

Closet softening with a suede finish


The bold blackcurrant shade with this modular wardrobe is melted with a ‘suede’ end, giving it a beautifully distinct but subtle style. The grooved patterns maintain a geometric harmony, and when you decorate, you can either complement or contrast the color, structured on your mood!

Black, polished, and dramatic


Dark is one of the perfect colors to decorate with, the same as it’s one of the best colors to wear. Use light shades of furnishings to soften the impact, or bright colorings for somewhat of an episode. The high-gloss finish eliminates some of the weight of the color, so you don’t have to worry too much about it darkening the room. This is also a truly modern design, so if your aesthetics move that way, its fits your home perfectly.

Using grooves with your cupboard

A light-weight oak wood finish produces a neutral impact in this contemporary-style wardrobe, that allows you to mix, match and decorate easily and more efficiently. The geometric grooved pattern provides simple, non-fussy detailing that reinforces the style without making waves about it.

Get striking red Contemporary Wardrobe Designs

With horizontal paneling and smart design, this modular closet adds a spark of difference with the stunning red color, balanced with silvery gray. It’s everything regarding contrast, and you could take some bold steps with your furnishings, keeping this at heart. A high-gloss surface finish keeps the look modern.

Glossy surface finish for your closet

This kind of modular wardrobe design will keep a simple, geometric style in a delicate rare shade that’s bound to give you plenty of joy in matching drapes and bedspreads. With a high-gloss finish, the overall impact is sleek, enhanced and effortlessly modern.

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